Saturday, 2 March 2013

Starting to Blog !!

It is not easy to just start blogging . Well , it depends on why do you want to blog , if it is just for fun and expressing your ideas and thoughts the approach is different and if it for making money the start should be different . 

A simple google search gives a compilation of ideas given by many authors on the topic. Such as  :

1. How to start a blog : This article is divided into four parts and gives details of various blogging options . The complete article is available on  Read on 

2. Blogging for Dummies gives simple tips on blogging . It has various examples too. Read on 

3. To bring in more traffic to your blog you need good styling and formatting of your blog . The link below from gives some good examples and tips for the same.

4. Some other sites which are really useful 

and many more such sites ......

There are hundreds for blogs which can be really helpful  in starting a blog . The only requirement is your need for one .....